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    Unhappy Need of Urgent Help lost SuperSU Binary files...

    Hello, I did something real stupid and uninstalled my SuperSU app off of my rooted Galaxy S4; it happen of off a mistake I did playing around with my phone and now it says
    " There is no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it. This is a problem! If you just upgraded to Android 4.3(But im already updated to 4.3), you need to manually re-root - consult the relevant forums for your device! "( I have the picture as an attachment). Now my device cannot un-root when I tried to but I want to get my old rooted device back I've been trying to root it again with my rooting program but nothing is working trying methods that I've seen on Youtube and various websites and now im just done. Can anyone help me with this issue because I really want my device to be fully rooted again but it just keeps giving me the same message even when I uninstall it and install it again, rebooting the device its hopeless... I would love any info you can give me thank you.

    Also note that my device is still rooted apparently but the superSU is not lol?
    Here is my device info if this helps.
    Model #: SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 ( its AT&T)
    Version: 4.3
    Baseband version: 4.3 And to root my device I used the Saferoot program.
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    Default Re: Need of Urgent Help lost SuperSU Binary files...

    Try rebooting then installing another SU app. See if that helps.

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    Default Re: Need of Urgent Help lost SuperSU Binary files...

    Hi thanks for the reply~
    but it seem to not have work and now I cannot sign into google play keeps asking me to sign into a google account but when I do tells me there no network connection...

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