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    Default Brand New HTC One Gold Not Working/Charging

    Hello there, i just got myself a Brand new HTC one less than 12 hour's ago. I just upgraded finally from my beloved BlackBerry 9800.

    Now here's the problem, it has been put up on charge for the past 4-5 hours,but yet to Turn On. I have held down the button on the top left , right , and both of them at the same time. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. The HTC charger is not faulty as i used it on my BB9800 and worked completely fine.

    I just want to know if anyone can tell me what's wrong or things i can try to confirm it wont work before i take a trip all the way to the store again only for the salesman to show that it works fine. I tried searching, but i could not find any posts reporting of the same issue. Cases of devices not charging/working has come around,but to people who have used their phones atleast once.

    Anyone ?

    Thankyou for your time.
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    Default Re: Brand New HTC One Gold Not Working/Charging

    Welcome to Android Central! You probably just have a faulty unit. I wouldn't spend too much time fiddling with it--just bring it back and ask for a replacement.
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    Default Re: Brand New HTC One Gold Not Working/Charging

    I guess that's the only thing left to do. Thankyou

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