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    Default samsung galaxy 10.2

    If 2 people in the same household have the same tab , can the information stored on them be seen by each other eg emails . as when i registered my samsung it came up with other uses with the same tab in my house. In otherwords do they become linked ? Thanks
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    Nope, each device has its own set of information and will not become automatically linked to another device, even if they are the same model or are in the same network. If, however, when you finished the registration process with your device and found different users there, that means those other users registered using the same device (as in, physically, the same tablet).

    However, there is Samsung's Link, which forms a "Samsung" Network if your devices are connected in the same WiFi. But even so, you still have to grant access to the other devices so they can 'see' your stuff, and this is usually just to share pictures, music, and some files.
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    Default Re: samsung galaxy 10.2

    As SpookDroid said, they can't. Just be sure to set a password protection if you don't want anyone snooping at your personal information.

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    Default Re: samsung galaxy 10.2

    Welcome to Android Central! I'd add a word of caution, though--if both tablets are registered under the same Google account, then both users will see the same emails, since both tablets will be syncing with the same Gmail account.

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