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    Default operating system qustion

    I have a lg- L38c optimus dynamic from straight talk. I did a factory reset and my apps were all deleted, including the play store, and the interenet. How do I atleast get the play store and the internet app back onto my device?
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    Default Re: operating system qustion

    Hi, welcome to the forums. :-) You may have to download play store app onto your computer, and then copy it onto your phone. BUT, just a factory reset shouldn't remove that.

    If you tap the app drawer button towards the bottom of your home screen, can you see the Google play store app under g for Google or p for play? If so, you still have it.

    Press and hold it, then drop it onto your home screen if you want the icon there. Otherwise just use it from the app drawer. Same with the internet icon.

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    Default Re: operating system qustion

    Oh, the app drawer button looks like two rows of 3 horizontal dots. It is the center button at the bottom if your home screen.

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    Default Re: operating system qustion

    That's odd, a factory reset should not have removed the Play Store or Browser Apps. In fact, those are /system level apps and would not have been removed with a factory reset. I would suggest a reboot and see if the apps are loaded back to the device. Also, consider checking in Settings > Applications > All for the apps. If they are there then perhaps these apps have been hidden in the app drawer.

    Let us know if you have further questions.
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    Default Re: operating system qustion

    Welcome to Android Central! A factory reset will erase all of the apps that you installed, as well as any updates to preinstalled system apps; however, it won't erase the actual system apps like the Play Store or the Browser (Internet). Your homescreens are erased and reset to the default when you factory reset, so any shortcuts you may have placed for the Browser or the Play Store will be gone--but remember, those were only shortcuts. As discussed above, you should still see the actual apps in the App Drawer.
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