Hi All,

I just switched from Windows Mobile 6.1 to my new Nexus 5 (my 1st android phone). On my old WinMo phone I had an app called Pocket Music Player that allowed me to navigate my music files by Genre then Artist then Album. That made it easy to find my desired files. PowerAmp can also do this but PowerAmp has no bookmarking! I need bookmarking.

So far I have not found any other Android music players that have the navigation I want *and* bookmarking. AstroPlayer doesn't have this navigation. Maple Player doesn't recognize the "podcast" genre. RocketPlayer does not allow you to create bookmarks (only import them).

Anyone know of a music player that has the navigation I want *and* bookmarking? Thanks!

Kind Regards,


PS: Its very interesting going from WinMo 6.1 to Nexus 5...