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    Default HTC Legend - UK Phone with U.S. Sim

    I know, I have a really old HTC model
    I originally had a Vodafone monthly contract in the UK and since Im currently in the U.S. it appeared this phone was unlocked as I was able to make calls/text with a US T-Mobile sim card. I recently lost the back cover for the battery, and a day or two afterwards the phone started playing up and lost service, at present I can only recieve calls/text. Has anyone experienced anything like this before? I havent yet gone to a T-Mobile store but hope to do so this week. I purchased a simple Sim plan (with no internet) and the time for the mobile had also gone haywire as its trying to detect my local time through using the internet which I dont have.
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    Default Re: HTC Legend - UK Phone with U.S. Sim

    I don't think the missing back cover is the issue. You can look on eBay for a replacement or contact HTC. Regarding the phone issue, try removing the sim and insert it back in. If that doesn't help then contact T-Mobile as planned and see what they can help you with the problem.

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    Default Re: HTC Legend - UK Phone with U.S. Sim

    Thanks for the response, although I tried removing the SIM and battery several times and still not working. Will contact T-Mobile!

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