Hey guys,

First of all thanks for taking the time for reading this post.

About a week ago I installed the version of 4.3 Android to my Samsung Galaxy S3. I noticed a few changes. One of them is that my gallery has changed. In the previous version I could go to an album and see like 12 pictures at the same time. Now I have the problem that I can only see three, and in order to see other pictures I have to scroll down.

My brother and sister also have the S3 and the new upgrade but they can still see like more pictures at the same time. I also noticed that when I open my gallery, at the bottom I see this:

< (gallery icon) Camera ( amount of photos) and on the right the camera icon. While the devices from my brother and sister also show the icon of making an album/map)

How come this is different? I believe there must be something wrong.

Hopefully someone can help me. Thanks in advance!