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    Default Net10: Another 3G Speed Question

    I own a ZTE - Z990G, was through Straight Talk, and am currently using Net10 (AT&T). Pay as you go $50/month unlimited plan. I've tried everything I could find to fix my speeds. It seems like it turns off the 3g connection sometimes. I don't know why it does this but its annoying trying to get it to work again. Normal speeds are only 200+ kb/s when the 3g actually works and connects. That could also be an issue and enhanced from what I have read through some of these forums. Right now im at a very low 3-6kb/s... I live right smack dab in the middle of town, so I shouldn't have connection issues. It does show it is connected too, im just not getting the correct data - download and upload strength that I should be getting and was getting when first tethering to my computer.

    How can I fix this recurring problem? (##3282# only gave me my own phone number.)

    Look forward to your helpful replys!! Thanks for your time.
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    Default Re: Another 3g Speed Question

    No answer for my question? Am I supposed to call AT&T/Net10 and complain they are scamming me out of my unlimited data plan and to manually switch my phone configuration to have unlimited 3g data access?? Im in the middle of town and its stuck at single digit kb/s download. I call bs!
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    Default Re: Another 3g Speed Question

    You're tethering? They might be throttling you, since tethering is specifically prohibited. Or you may have used more than 2.5GB this month.

    Or you may be making an invalid measurement. Your 3G speed is from you to the gateway's entry point to the internet - from there, neither ST nor AT&T have any control over the speed. If you're downloading from an overloaded server, or one halfway around the world, or one at the end of 300 miles of copper wire, you're not going to get any speed.

    Use to measure your speed and, if the server it chooses if more than 50 miles from you, take the figure with a large grain of salt - it's not accurate. But if it says 30mbps, and your download is going at 6kbps, that's not their problem - you chose a server that you have a slow path to. (Try a download from and you'll see what I mean.)

    But I suspect that your problem may be the first one - throttling. (Consider yourself lucky - until about a year ago they'd just terminate your account for that - without even notifying you.)
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    Default Re: Another 3g Speed Question

    I would guess its the first one. Im being throttled. Didn't know tethering was prohibited. Just using the FoxFi app. / USB tether. I've been stuck at 5kb/s when tethered and not tethered for weeks now. Doesn't seem like 3g is returning at all anymore. (Even though it shows its connected to 3g). So there is no fix for this? And I also did use the speedtest app, I get the same connection speeds. worse then dial up... Am just using this for temp net until I can get normal internet back up again.

    Thanks for the reply! Eagerly been wondering whats going on. If you have any ideas of how to fix or resolve my connection or kill the throttle thatd be great! lol. Guessing I need to get ahold of my network?
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    Default Re: Another 3g Speed Question

    They throttle until your next pay period starts. Then you should go back up to 3G speeds. Bur using the phone to stream or download, you can exceed that 2.5GB in a day or two and be right back down for the rest of the month.
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    Default Re: Net10: Another 3G Speed Question

    Understood... Thanks for the information. Its appreciated to have a reply. Will have my net back soon anyway. Worked alright for temp needs atleast

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