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    Default overlapping clocks on lock screen

    NEVERMIND! Boy is my face ever red. If I could find a way to delete the embarrassing post I sure would. Seems I had taken a screenshot of my lock screen and *that* is what I set as my lock screen wallpaper. Once I tried a default wallpaper all was fine. When I went back to input what I wanted from my gallery, I realized I'd chosen a photo from the screenshot folder. Very red faced here.


    Never seen this before, but suddenly after a factory reset I have two clocks overlapping one another on the lock screen. It's not like a ghosting effect, but you can tell they're overlapping because their alignment is slightly different from one another. They are two different times, an AM and a PM. Very weird!

    In Settings --> I have:

    • Multiple Widgets unchecked
    • Lock Screen Widgets --> Clock or Personal Message = Clock
    • Dual Clock OFF
    • Clock size = have tried all sizes
    • Show Date = unchecked
    • Shortcuts = OFF but they are showing up anyway which is fine, I usually have shortcuts there but turned off trying to get rid of one of these clocks.

    I also just noticed that all the icons at the very top have ghosts and they're all blurry.

    I seem to be out of settings to adjust to try to fix this, any ideas?

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    Default Re: overlapping clocks on lock screen

    Reminds me of the old trick of taking a screenshot of someone's desktop, then setting that as the wallpaper. Then trying not to laugh as s/he tried to get the icons on the :desktop" to do something.

    You weren't the first one to be fooled by that (even though you did it yourself) and you won't be the last one either. If everyone who works on computers could actually kick ourselves where we sit, none of us would be sitting down for the next few millennia.
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    Default Re: overlapping clocks on lock screen

    Agreed and thanks for your kind words.

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    Default Re: overlapping clocks on lock screen

    I now realize I had oly the same thing. Thank you for your message and follow-up.

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