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    Default Can I change the firmware myself ?

    Totally new to smart phones sorry.

    14month ago I bought a Defy plus JCB from TheOrder,co,uk over the internet with a manufacturers 2 year guarantee, I had lots of soft/firmware problems with it so I contacted Motorola. They say it is a Swiss version with Italian firmware,that this can cause the problems I am having and they cannot help me (I will remember this for next time I buy a phone) and to contact the supplier. TheOrder,co,uk say they only bought the businesses in Feb so can't help and to contact the previous owner of the business, who is not replying to Emails.

    Is it possible for me to change the firmware from Italian to Uk myself ?

    It never crossed my mind to check the system version which is45.0.2310.MB526.Retail.en.IT

    If it is possible I will have to have a good read up on how to do it.
    Thanks for any help
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    Default Re: Can I change the firmware myself ?

    I updated the firmware on my old Huawei Y300. It was quite straightforward and took about 10 mins. If you can find a firmware update I'd go for it, bear in mind it will wipe your phone so make sure you backup first.
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    Default Re: Can I change the firmware myself ?

    Thanks for your reply, after a lot of searching I think I have found the firmware that I need (hopefully). I will now try to find out the procedure to update it.

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    Default Re: Can I change the firmware myself ?

    Hope this helps and saves anyone in my position a lot of searching about.
    I downloaded "RSDlite" to my computer and unzipped it.
    I downloaded the correct firmware (very important) from Motorola as a "SBF" file and unzipped it (to my computer)
    Tick USB debugging and Unknown sources in settings/applications on the phone.
    Plug phone in to computer with USB lead and set to USB in phones pull down menu.
    Open RSDlite and let it find your phone then in RSDlite search for the unzipped firmware on your computer.
    Turn off phone completely and restart with the volume up button pressed in (hold volume button in until you get a black bootloader screen) then release.
    Press start in RSDlite program and you will see the progress. wait until it says it is going to reboot and as it does press the volume up button it will go back to the boot loader screen and RSDlite should say "pass"
    Then restart phone as normal.
    Worked perfectly for me everything is working and I now have the correct firmware.

    Not to bad for a complete novice with smart phones !

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