hello, i rooted my galaxy s4(sch-I545v) and decided to mess with the settings in rom toolbox, the lcd dpi settings. after that all text and things on my phone are now very small. i get repeated error messages that system ui has stopped and touchwiz home has stopped and csc has stopped. i restored my phone through the recovery menu and that didnt help. i am unable to bring down my status bar and i can not access anything on my phone such as apps and menus. i didnt get to sign into my google account during restore so i cant download a new home launcher and set it as default. i tried downloading a different launcher to my sd card by removing it from my phone and putting it into an sd slot on my laptop, i then put it back in my phone and tried applying via recovery menu, but that didn't take either. and as i mentioned before i cant access anything to complete account setup i cant access ANYTHING Please, if anyone can help me out i'd GREATLY appreciate it!