*Eye tracker controlled cursor on Android 4.2s keyboard (has gesture typing/swiping) on emulator = eye-swiping on PC?*

I have a Nexus 10, and I like the gesture typing/swiping on the stock Android keyboard.

I dont have any experience with the Android emulator, but I see posts online that mentioned that you can send messages, and write emails in the emulator.

I recently purchased an eye tracker, and I was wondering if you could use your eyes to swipe the stock Android keyboard on an emulator that is on your PC.

Does anyone know if you can hold down your mouse button on the emulator Android keyboard, simulate swiping, and get the same intelligent word prediction and auto complete that you would normally get on an Android device?


(Android Central covered the company here: The Eye Tribe gaze tracking enables finger-free Fruit Ninja on Android | Android Central)