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    Default Copying ringtones from one phone to another?

    I have two cellphones, different brands, android 2.3.4 and 4.1.2. On the first phone there are some stock ringtones I like that are not on the other phone (both regular ringtones and notification ringtones). I want to copy the ones I like from the first phone and put them on the second phone. I tried looking through the folders on the first phone and can't find any ringtones. I thought this would be easy to do but my dumb *** can't figure out how. Any help appreciated. Thanks. Neither of the phones are rooted.
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    Default Re: Copying ringtones from one phone to another?

    If these are stock ringtones chances are you can't access them unless you're rooted. If they're not stock (or if the manufacturer made them available) they should be on an easily accessible folder named "Ringtones" and/or "Notifications".

    Now, if they are stock and to save you the hassle of rooting one phone just to extract the ringtones, you could download Zedge on the second phone and just search/download the first phone's ringtone by name. Chances are someone else has already extracted it and uploaded it to the service. I've been able to find all ringtones I've searched so far... Granted, I haven't searched for a lot hehe but from BlackBerry's to Samsung's, there's a pretty good chance they're already there.
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    Default Re: Copying ringtones from one phone to another?

    Yes, stock ring tones are not accessible to the user unless you have root access. Ring tones are stored in the /system partition of the device. You can also see if there is a system dump of your old phone with the ring tones included so you don't have to root.

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    Default Re: Copying ringtones from one phone to another?

    I don't know about other phones, but on the AT&T Note 3 (not rooted) I found ringtones (and notifications and alarms) in /system/media/audio

    Even without root, Total Commander can get in there and read and copy the files. No reason it can't be used to write them to the external SD card to transfer to the other phone.

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