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    Default New Tablet for Movie Watching

    Asking for recommendation please. Looking for an android-based tablet to watch movies on. My Nexus 7 2013 LTE 32g is great for this but want to keep playing on it while watching a movie. Hence, the need for a second tablet. The only criteria are: 1) great pic/color/clarity, 2) wifi capability to get the movies onto it easily; and 3) maybe (not a requirement) the ability to use a small point stylus and a handriting-to-text app. Prefer 8-12 inch screen and don't want to spend a lot of $ on unneeded memory or all the bells and whistles like on my new Nexus. I also have an iPhone 4, Windows 7 laptop, and Windows XP desktop. Any suggestions? I am not tech-savvy and anything requiring boot/unlocking/jailbreaking, etc. is precluded by a sup-par operator (lol). Please suggest away!! Thanks.
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    Default Re: New Tablet for Movie Watching

    Why not a 2012 Nexus 7? Can be found for around $150 online.
    Same for the older Kindle Fire HD, although that one is limited by Amazon's app store

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    Default Re: New Tablet for Movie Watching

    You want stylus, high res and 8"+ screen. The only answer to your question is Samsung Note tablet. There are no other options.

    The HP Slate 7 Extreme have stylus software support, but it's only 7" and 720p resolution. It support microSD card.

    The LG G Pad Google Edition have 8.3" screen and 1200p resolution, but it doesn't have stylus software support. If you can go without stylus, this is the best option. This also support microSD.
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    Default Re: New Tablet for Movie Watching

    Thanks all. They all look good. The ASUS has been $significantly$ discounted. Which of these has the best screen?

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