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    Default Help with displayed email account name

    GNex running Stock 4.2

    Using the default "Email" app (NOT Gmail) for a "Corporate" account I must have mistyped the display name for my account and I have only realised now and I can't work out how to change it.
    This is only the name that is displayed on my phone to identify the account it has no bearing on the account itself.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, I'd prefer not to have to delete and re-setup the account.
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    Default Re: Help with displayed email account name

    I don't think there's an option to edit that. I've always left it as the default name they give you, so I might not be right on this one. Maybe someone else can confirm?

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    Default Re: Help with displayed email account name

    You can't modify accounts. Remove the existing one and create a new one with the name spelled right.

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