According to my searches, I must be the only person in the world who roams from country to country frequently and whose plan differs between being local or roaming (I'm based in Switzerland and am frequently all over Europe).

I'd like to monitor my phone usage and have picked up the Joiku Phone Monitor which seems to be accurate, does everything I need and is straightforward to use. However, this app (like the others I've seen) is distinctly biased toward the user only ever being in his own country (i.e. there is no roaming consideration).

Does anyone know of a similar app that is able to report on minutes / sms / data locally AND the same for roaming? Perhaps even with the ability to enter a plan for each? It doesn't need to consider multiple roaming zones (i.e. different zones / different costs) or anything complex like that. Nor does it need to consider actual costs.

Happy to pay for the app, but can't find anything as detailed above. I've found one that considers roaming for data only but one app (like the first I mentioned) covering all 3 elements would be great.

Best, Gary.