In Handcent when I go to select a group to send a text to, it shows 13 Google/Android groups. Only one, "My Contacts", actually has any records - all the others who 0. Some are groups I created and then deleted in the People app, some I don't recognize. The People app now has only the 3 default groups in it - Coworkers, Family, Friends - all with 0 records in them. But along with them in Handcent there are all the other groups. I've tried going back into People, adding the groups with the same name, then deleting them, and I just end up with the new group in Handcent even after I've deleted it in People. As a result, I now have 3 groups showing up in Handcent named "Test1" for instance.

Any ideas on how to get rid of these "ghost" groups? It's like Handcent isn't clearing them out when they're created in the originating app.

TIA - R.