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    Default Can I keep apps deleted from Play Store if I format my device?

    Can I keep apps deleted from Play Store if I format my device?

    I have a great app that I can't find anymore in the play store, and not just from my device it's just GONE, though I can find several copycats but none are as good as the original. The thing is, I want to format my cell but I don't want to lose this app.
    Is there a way to copy the app to my pc and reinstall it after I formated my device?
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    Default Re: Can I keep apps deleted from Play Store if I format my device?

    Just back up all your apps (I use App Backup and Restore) to apk files and save the whole backup folder on your computer (and/or the cloud, and.or a flash drive - it's okay to be paranoid). Then you can always restore any of those apps. (If you run an apk file, it installs the app, even though the backup app has a restore function that allows you to choose the apps to restore, then hit the restore button.)

    Always keep backups of your apps, You can never tell when some "clever" developer "improves" the app to the point that it's useless (yes, I'm talking about a particular navigation app) and you can uninstall the "updated" version and reinstall the old one that actually works.

    Saving the apps with their data intact is more difficult. If you're rooted there's always Titanium Backup. Otherwise Helium is supposed to be pretty good.

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