Hey people! I know in the US you can receive tweets via SMS by texting "follow xxxx" to 40404. I need a second number. I only "follow" two people. It would be amazingly helpful to my organization if I could have separate contacts and message treads for each. I know I could do this by texting "follow xxxx" to 40404, and "follow yyyy" to a second number, but what is that second number?

There are other numbers, or short codes, based on your country. In Canada Twitter uses 21212. Could I use that? Wouldn't 21212, being a short code, only work in Canada?

There were a few numbers on Twitter's website which were not short codes, but instead actual numbers, like +44 800-000-0000, but those are international numbers. Would it cost me extra per month to text those? (I have T-Mobile unlimited texting).

So, does anyone know a different US short code, or an international not short code that wouldn't cost extra to text, or if the Canadian number would still work in the US and not cost extra... or maybe even a third party that will forward messages from Twitter for free?

ANY way to use two numbers with Twitter, in the US, without extra fees? Thanks!