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    Question Data storage and transfer

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Discover. I want to be able to put my game apps, music, and photos on my SD card. I also want to have the game apps, music, and photos on my laptop without having to move the SD card around. I have changed the storage location when I take pictures to the SD card. I want to be able to put pictures I receive in text messages on there as well. I have tried manage apps, I have tried connecting my device through USB to my laptop and manually copying the files to the SD card. Are these goals possible? How can I accomplish them? Please help I am new to these smart phones. Thank you.
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    Welcome to Android Central
    Plugging into your PC/laptop should allow you to move data onto the SD card.
    Pictures you receive via text message aren't saved to your gallery. You need to download it and then move it to the SD card.

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