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    Unhappy Google+ Notifications not working properly

    Hi community, I have a problem with google+ Android app, recently, today I stop from receiving notifications on my phone not even on the status bar and I have the config for example this community to receive notifications. The only way I could recieve them and others I've configured is to enter the app and the other strange thing is that I doesn't even sound while I have configured that too. I've reinstalled and installed the app, wipe cache and dalvik, wipe the app data and config again with no results, it's too rare. Hope you can help me. y Google App version is and i have activated the sync of Google+ on the account. For further information i receive notifications with sound for people who circle me and mention me but not communities or circles i have. Thanks in advance and hope you can help me.

    P.S.: For Google+ web notifications are working as they do. I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 with Jelly Bean 4.1.2. Don't know if it has to be with other Google services like Google Play Services, Google Framework or other.

    Google+ Notifications not working properly-14-1.png
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    Default Re: Google+ Notifications not working properly

    Exact same issue here, different device though. It seemed to start maybe a couple to a few weeks ago, and there were other oddities with the Google+ app around the same time (notification click for community would go to a single post and not the actual community, even if it was a notification for more than 1 unread post).
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    Default Re: Google+ Notifications not working properly

    Welcome to Android Central! Go to Setting>Apps>All, select Google+, and make sure the Notifications box is checked on. It is possible for this to be unchecked, but the Google Settings still to show Notifications turned on--but this combination will still prevent notifications from occurring.
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    Default Re: Google+ Notifications not working properly

    I've been having notification issues too. Not like this, but I can't open them. I tap and tap and tap but it's like my touches aren't registerring. And I know it's not my tablet because the entire screen works fine everywhere else.
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    Default Re: Google+ Notifications not working properly

    Welcome to Android Central! What device do you have? Are you able to swipe down the notification shade? Are you using any screen dimming apps? These can sometimes interfere with registering certain screen touches.

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