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    Default Texting gif's help! (1mb file size limit, need solutions)

    Hey guys, I just came over to android from iphone,
    With iphone I was enjoying sending my friends gifs as responses, however with android there is a 1mb file limit.

    I wanted to know what you guys think the best solution is,
    so far, I have tried finding a way to resize the gifs, that doesnt seem easy though,
    or somehow changing the file limit,
    anyone have ideas? or know an easy way?
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    Default Re: Texting gif's help! (1mb file size limit, need solutions)

    There is no way to change the file size limit as far as I know. iPhones compress their files a lot more to allow for texting.
    You can try an app that isn't limited by MMS protocols. Like Hangouts

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    Default Re: Texting gif's help! (1mb file size limit, need solutions)

    Or just email it s an attachment.
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    Default Re: Texting gif's help! (1mb file size limit, need solutions)

    MMS has three layers of size limitation, which boils down to the lesser of all 3 is the limit: carrier, device and app. Generally, unless you want to hack your device for this specific purpose, it's recommended simply to use a more appropriate tool, such as Hangouts, G+, Google Drive, Dropbox, E-Mail, Facebook Messenger, etc, etc depending on what common apps you share. Many of those kinds of apps you to share only with people who have a specific link to your picture without requiring a login and also allow full size viewing of the subject.

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