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    Default Samsung Galaxy S3 BLANK SCREEN NO DISPLAY

    Hi yes i cracked my Samsung Galaxy s3 screen and the screen was on working fine but i bought a kit to replace the screen and now i get no display on my samsung galaxy s3 i can charge my phone and Green led pops up i can also hear the volume as i turn it up and i can connect to computer as well but i cant see no display any ideas? thanks? also phone was rooted to jellybean 4.3 if that makes a diffrence

    Replacement screen i had bought

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    Default Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 BLANK SCREEN NO DISPLAY

    Ecidently you did something wrong or broke something. (There's no way to tell what without disassembling the phone and looking.) You have 2 options now.

    1) Bring the phone to a repair shop and pay to have what you broke fixed and the screen set up properly6.

    2) Keep trying to fix it yourself and probably end up paying about what a new phone would cost, by the time you give up and bring into a repair shop.
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    Default Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 BLANK SCREEN NO DISPLAY

    I agree with Rukbat. It is hard to determine the problem from here as it might be a small miscalculation when you were trying to fix it!
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