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    Default Set CPU question.

    I have not yet gotten this app but thinking about it since it could make my performance better.
    However I am not sure how to safely configure the settings. Are there any Kyocera hydro owners with root here that may know a safe way to set. Thanks ! PS .. yes I'm rooted wouldn't ask this if I wasn't.

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    Default Re: Set CPU question.

    Running the CPU faster than the device is designed to run it, whether it's a phone or a big server, is always a risk. The CPU is tested at its rated speed, and guaranteed to run at that speed. Some individual CPUs might run well at 25% above that speed, some might break down at 2% above it. Someone else's experience isn't going to tell you if your CPU can take being overclocked.
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    Default Re: Set CPU question.

    Oh OK ! Glad I asked before I attempted it. This forum is such a grate help. Thanks a lot !

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    Default Re: Set CPU question.

    It's not as risky overclocking ARM cpu compared to x86. You just have to be careful to not over voltage it, that could definitely harm it. And just watch the temperature, don't let it go over 85*C.

    Even if you get the app, if your kernel don't allow you to overclock the speed or voltage, then you still need to root the phone and flash a custom kernel, which I'm not sure is available for your device.

    Also Setcpu is an old program, you should get TricksterMOD instead, it's a much better kernel tweaking app, but how much options there are is based on how much features your kernel have.
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    Default Re: Set CPU question.

    Thanks for the help. But I don't think I'm going to chance it. And yes SOMEGUY you're right. There is no custom rom for my device yet. However there is root. Rooted my device about two weeks ago. Thanks again !

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