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    Can I run a line out (like from a pc or a cd player) to an input (like mic in) on the android and play it thru the speaker on the android? Anyone do this? How to set it up? I know I can with splashtop but thats very processor intensive.

    03-13-2014 11:11 PM
  2. zedorda's Avatar
    03-13-2014 11:18 PM
  3. Ealevenish's Avatar
    03-13-2014 11:22 PM
  4. Rukbat's Avatar
    You could set up a web server on your computer (xampp) and use icecast to make the audio available to any browser that connects to the page, then use the phones' browsers to connect to the page and play the audio. Icecast makes it pretty simple. If you don't mind putting port numbers into the address (, you don't even need the web server.
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    03-14-2014 10:19 PM

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