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    Default Battery Normal? (GSAM)

    These are my battery stats. Usually when i'm idle without wifi or data on, i get about 1% drained every hour. With screen on without those on about 1% every 20-40min. With wifi on, i lose 1% every 2-4 minutes. I don't use data at all and only use wifi. Can you guys help me with this problem? I'm rooted with cm11 4.4.2 with their kernal. sgh-t999.


    Battery Normal? (GSAM)-screenshot_2014-03-12-23-52-26.pngBattery Normal? (GSAM)-screenshot_2014-03-12-23-52-33.pngBattery Normal? (GSAM)-screenshot_2014-03-12-23-52-43.pngBattery Normal? (GSAM)-screenshot_2014-03-12-23-52-48.pngBattery Normal? (GSAM)-screenshot_2014-03-12-23-53-14.pngBattery Normal? (GSAM)-screenshot_2014-03-12-23-53-18.png
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    Default Re: Battery Normal? (GSAM)

    The cause is most likely your mobile signal. Cell phones will kill themselves to maintain any kind of signal no matter how weak.
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    Default Re: Battery Normal? (GSAM)

    Also, make sure you don't have the screen brightness to Full or Automatic. Keep it conservative - I have mine (Nexus 5) to less than 50% and find it acceptable. Also, make sure you set WiFi to always on during sleep (settings > wifi > menu > advanced).

    For more battery saving tips take a look at the guide B. Diddy put together, it's worth a look and will help you extend the life of your battery: http://forums.androidcentral.com/amb...ving-tips.html
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    Default Re: Battery Normal? (GSAM)

    To troubleshoot. I would unplug the internet from your router. Connect and see if your battery still dies. If so then it's a connection issue with your router and phone. If not then it could be an issue with a data-using app.
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    Default Re: Battery Normal? (GSAM)

    How strong is the wifi signal?

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    Default Re: Battery Normal? (GSAM)

    Battery Normal? (GSAM)-screenshot_2014-03-15-17-13-45.png
    Quote Originally Posted by dpham00 View Post
    How strong is the wifi signal?

    dpham00, Android Central Moderator
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    Well it doesn't matter if i have full wifi bars or 1. either way, it drains. But i'm going to try unplugging my router see if that helps.

    EDIT: it didn't do anything to help. But, i was wondering what these settings do?

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