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    Default Android problems!

    Okay, So I have a rooted VM670. I think I have bricked it but i'm not sure, the problem is that the phone turns on fine and everything, I can download apps but only if I don't have the play store update I can only download apps if I have the market not the play store. I can open any app I want but I can only open the stock apps: Call, Messaging, Browser. ETC.
    So if I downloaded a app from the original market it would download but I can't open it. If The original market updates to the Google play store I can't download apps nor open the Google play store, plus whenever I try to flash a custom ROM to fix it, it has errors.

    To sum it down:
    I can't open apps at all unless its a stock app
    I can download apps from the original market but they won't open
    If the original market updates to the Google Play Store the Google Play Store won't open nor can I download apps at all
    I can't flash with a custom ROM without an error popping up
    _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ VM670 Model Number
    2.2.1 Android OS
    LG, Android, Froyo, Virgin Mobile.

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