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    Default Android won't vibrate on incoming notifications?

    I'm running stock android 4.1.2 Jellybean, on the Samsung Galaxy Discover that I just got a few days ago, I've always had trouble with the notifications, until recently I thought I had it made. However, suddenly something (to this day I never found out what) took up major space in my phone. Resulting in 2.5 GB used and 219MB free. I couldn't fix it and even after uninstalling mostly everything I got the free space up to 553MB. So I reset it.

    That left me back at square one, regarding the notifications.

    I've enabled vibration on both the apps and the phone, it still doesn't vibrate. It sometimes does, though I never tamper with the settings, so I really don't know why it only sometimes vibrates. I feel like the phone vibrates whenever the hell it wants to, and this is frustrating because I tend to have my phone on Vibrate most of the time.

    Any help appreciated.

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