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    Default Deleted Wrong Files, Phone Stuck on "HTC ONE" screen...factory reset not working

    So, I was trying to save my photos and music, and clear out anything else i wasn't going to need. In doing so, i think i deleted the wrong files and now my phone won't go back the "HTC ONE" screen. I've done the process of a recovery and then allow the red triangle to come up, from there i know i should hold power + Up, and that should take me to a black screen with blue letters, and i should select something about "partition" but this black and blue screen, i remember seeing it as a thumbnail in a folder i deleted. I thought it was an ad photo saved onto my phone as spam (as the folder was named adSOMETHING) and so i deleted it and now, i feel i have have screwed myself over. I have no way of getting another phone right now. How can i get my laptop to read my phones connection and allow me to copy and paste the files needed to get it running again?! is this even fixable?! HELP!
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    Default Re: Deleted Wrong Files, Phone Stuck on "HTC ONE" screen...factory reset not working

    Welcome to Android Central! Are you rooted? If you're not rooted, you shouldn't be able to delete any system-critical files. It's not clear from your description if you were successful in clearing the system cache partition. Follow the instructions here: https://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-6526

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