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    Angry "note to self" to a category

    Thanks in advance to all you wonderful folk who help us geezers!! Now I am glad my former students played electronic games!!

    I am a Parkinson's guy who now is beginning to need verbal reminders. I LOVE the android note to self, and I use it on "KEEP". I know how to change default destination. But is there a way to send it to a particular category within Keep...say "grocery". In the back recesses of my declining brain I "think" I saw "some" app where you could say "note to grocery" or "note to office"??
    Any help would, or course, be sent a warm thought.
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    Default Re: "note to self" to a category

    Welcome to the forums.
    Keep can act as a dictation note. At the top you hit the microphone, and speak what you want Keep to write. Is this what you mean?

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    Default Re: "note to self" to a category

    ]Sorry for the delay, I thought I had replied, but I guess not. Not exaclty what I meant. I am an experienced user of KEEP, on phone, tablet, Chromebook, and PC running chrome..

    I know you can do the mic...also I can simply say "note to self" since I use Google+. Works Great.

    But what I cannot figure is...when I do it like above it seems to send my note to the very first category which I have...
    Say Category 1=shopping
    and category 2= church

    It seems to send all my verbal "note to self" under the "shopping" category, which I then have to change manually if I need to.

    There IS another entirely separate app ( forget which one) where you can indeed say "note to self" "category church" " church is early this week".

    I do not know if ability is native to the app ONLY ( which I forgot) or is native to Android and I don't know how to do it.

    Never seen this question asked.
    For any help, I thank you, and if you don't have an answer, where should I post?
    Again, thanks[/COLOR][/SIZE]

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