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    Default Google voice search opens with media playing

    Hi all, I'm pasting below my thread I posted on Tmobile.com with the hope you guys can help!

    I have a Nexus 5 with 4.4.4 and I am incredibly frustrated due to a bug within Google voice search. Whenever I put headphones in, it will interrupt the music/podcast/video and keep opening. Yes I've long ago disabled hotword detection and tried every variation of trouble shooting there is. It just keeps opening no matter what I do. For instance, if I'm listening to a podcast, every 30 seconds it'll stop and open, and then the search will start typing out the words being said on the podcast. This is ridiculous. I've tried everything. I have a $400 phone that is useless to me. "Tech support" on the phone was a joke, as the two times I've called were no help at all. The reps literally read from a script and were zero help. The last guy literally told me I needed to optimizey RAM to fix it. Wow.

    At this point I just want it removed entirely, which seems impossible to do. Even downloaded a new launcher thinking maybe it'd have that option but nope. I just want to be able to enjoy media. Thus far after a month of this crappy phone I can't. Please help!

    Other people have had this problem as well. Below is the exact same problem I have.


    Why didn't Google think about this while designing this feature? I want to throw my phone out of the window when I'm just trying to get through a two minute video with sound and headphones.

    Please tell me how to either a)fix this or b)remove this horribly buggy feature entirely.

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