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    Default Cheap device for Kids?

    So there are tablets out/coming that look great. Accept the price and contracts, or lack of Market.

    But I know a lot of Android devices can be gotten on ebay, and I'm wondering if that might be a better solution for me especially since I really only need a mid range device. And no cell or data plan at all.

    But a 2.2 device with adobe flash would be crucial, I've got a G2 and two toddlers. Now there are lots of fun things for a toddler to do on the phone but that leads to three problems.
    A) I can't use the phone for useful things like phone calls, or checking the shopping etc. list if they have it.
    B) There are two of them and I only bought one G2.
    C) It kills the battery and that also gets in the way of useful things like phone calls.

    anyway though flash seems a tad wonky on the G2 it's still a big carrier of toddler content. But rooting and loading a froyo rom is no problem.
    So any advice as to what cheap device I ought to look for on ye old ebay?
    I'm new to Android and not sure what's what with the plethora of devices.
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    you can get a droid eris on ebay pretty cheap ~ $110. and then you can root it and put kaosfroyo on it. [ROM]KaosFroyo V38 [10/28] [FROYO] - xda-developers
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