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    Default Near Field Communication and what it means to you

    From Wikipedia, Near Field Communications...

    Near Field Communications (NFC) standards began in 2004 to enable simplified transactions, data exchange, and connections with a touch. A device with an NFC chip could make a payment or serve as a keycard. NFC devices can read NFC tags on a museum or retail display to get more information or an audio or video presentation. NFC can share a contact, photo, song, application, or video or pair Bluetooth devices. The 140 NFC Forum members include LG, Nokia, HTC, Motorola, NEC, RIM, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Toshiba, AT&T, Sprint, Rogers, SK, Google, Microsoft, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Intel, TI, Qualcomm, and NXP.

    Social networking
    • File Sharing: Tap one NFC device to another to instantly share a contact, photo, song, application, video, or website link.
    • Electronic business card: Tap one NFC device to another to instantly share electronic business cards or resumes.
    • Electronic money: To pay a friend, you could tap the devices and enter the amount of the payment.
    • Mobile gaming: Tap one NFC device to another to enter a multiplayer game.
    • Friend-to-friend: You could touch NFC devices together to friend each other or share a resume or to "check-in" at a location.

    Bluetooth and WiFi Connections
    • Bluetooth: Instant Bluetooth Pairing can save searching, waiting, and entering codes. Touch the NFC enabled devices together to pair.
    • WiFi: Instant WiFi Configuration configure a device to a WiFi network. Tap an NFC device to an NFC enabled router.

    • Mobile payment: An NFC device could make a payment like a credit or debit card by touching a payment terminal at checkout or a vending machine.
    • PayPal: PayPal may start a commercial NFC service in the second half of 2011.
    • Ticketing: Tap an NFC device to purchase rail, metro, airline, movie, concert, or event tickets.
    • Boarding pass: A NFC device may act as a boarding pass reducing check-in delays and staffing requirements.
    • Point of Sale: Tap an SmartPoster tag to see information, listen to an audio clip, watch a video, or see a movie trailer.
    • Coupons: Tapping an NFC tag on a retail display or SmartPoster may give the user a coupon for the product.
    • Tour guide: Tap a passive NFC tag for information or an audio or video presentation at a museum, monument, or retail display (much like a QR Code).

    Identity documents
    • ID card: An NFC enabled device can also act as an encrypted student, employee, or personal ID card or medical ID card.
    • Keycard: A NFC enabled device may serve as car, house, and office keys.
    • Rental Car and hotel keys: NFC rental car or hotel room keys may allow fast VIP check-in and reduce staffing requirements.

    In May, 2009 the NFC released NFC Peer-to-Peer Standards to transfer contact, website URL, or pair Bluetooth devices nearly instantaneously for apps like multi-player gaming. Today, apps such as Electronic Pickpocket, NFC Reader, NXP Tag Writer, or NXP TagInfo can use the NFC chips in phones such as the Nexus S (12/06/10) or Samsung Galaxy S II. Many apps can read the RFID chips in credit cards.

    The free iPhone and Android Bump app is similar to peer-to-peer NFC in that it can transfer contacts, songs, messages, photos, events, money, friends, and apps between devices. QR-Codes are similar to NFC tags in that up to 4,200 characters can be read with apps like Barcode Scanner.

    Android 0-click NFC Demonstration - Engadget - 05/11/2011

    How to NFC
    Nick Pelly, Jeff Hamilton - notes from Google I/O 2011 - 05/11/2011
    (Time) is given to show location in the .
    • (3:00) Near Field Communications
    • Short range wireless, Low Speed, Low friction setup (no discovery, no pairing)
    • Passive targets (look ma', no batteries)
    • (12:45) NFC Instantly pairs Bluetooth - Fruit Ninja opens, app transfers to a second Nexus S.
    • Ice Cream Sandwich (13:55) What we are showing you is just the tip of the iceberg
    • (14:25) A new peer-to-peer interaction model (See NFC Peer-to-Peer Standards first specified in May 2009)
    • 0-click contact sharing - Open a contact on a phone and bring near another phone and the contact is shared.
    • 0-click web page sharing - Load a web page on one phone and bring another phone nearby and the web page is shared.
    • 0-click YouTube video sharing - Start a video on a phone and touch a tablet and the video starts on the tablet where you left off.
    • 0-click app sharing - Open an app on one phone, touch to a phone without that app. Android Market opens to download the app. Viral app sharing.
    • Bluetooth + NFC == Wireless Nirvana (37:50) Initiate with NFC, switch to Bluetooth right away for the heavy lifting
    • Privacy (39:25) Proximity - NFC is not RFID (a passive ID)
    • On Android, NFC is off when the screen is off (no butt sniffing)
    • 3rd party applications must be in the foreground to use NFC.

    See also:
    Engadget Primed: What is NFC, and why do we care?
    Google will take NFC to the next level with Ice Cream Sandwich: "...You could friend someone on Facebook just by tapping your two phones together..."
    NFC check-ins for Google I/O with Foursquare - "...you tap your phone against a marker and it can check you in with foursquare..."
    • PC Magazine: What is NFC, and Why Should You Care?
    Apple NFC Patents Turns iPhones into Payment Devices - Apple NFC iTicket - 2008 NFC Patent
    Google buys NFC Patents Owner Zetawire
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    Default Re: Near Field Communication and what it means to you

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    Default Re: Near Field Communication and what it means to you

    Aren't these guys affiliated with the NSA and HSD?

    Interesting nonetheless. Good info.

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