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    Default Hey, look what I found!!!

    Not sure if this is the right section, or if I am even justified in being so excited, but what the hell. Mods feel free to move if I am out of line here.

    On top of being stoked that I finally got ICS on my Rezound, but a goody that I ordered from Amazon arrived at my door today! An Android shapped speaker!

    This thing is pretty sweet, I was searching on Amazon for a small and compact speaker for my phone to use on patios during small friendly get togethers that would entertain, but not bother the neighbors and I came across this little guy. GOgroove Pal Bot - the Rechargeable & Portable Android Styled Speaker System for Smartphones , Tablets , MP3 Players , Laptops , And More Devices!: MP3 Players & Accessories

    Forgive this picture, took it from the Amazon ad, havn't taken the time to upload a picture of the speaker myself yet.

    When I first saw it on Amazon I thought, wow that is cool, wonder how it sounds. When I got it I was put off by the made in china moniker, but then again what isnt made in China these days. It actually sounds really good given its size. The speaker is about as tall as my Rezound.

    Just thought I would share this with the android brethran
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    Default Re: Hey, look what I found!!!

    Here's a quick photo I just took, please excuse the horible glare, im far from a good photographer.

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    Default Re: Hey, look what I found!!!

    So you were put off by plugging your made in Taiwan (Republic of China) phone into a made in China (Peoples Republic of China) speaker?
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    Default Re: Hey, look what I found!!!

    Hahah, I guess that's one way to put it into perspective. I do enjoy my Rezound though.
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    Default Re: Hey, look what I found!!!

    Lol that is one cute/funny speaker
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    Default Re: Hey, look what I found!!!

    Thanks for sharing! I ended up buying two of these (one for me and other for my mom). And because they had a promo deal (today only?) that took off $20, the total price including tax and shipping was $51, which is not bad at all.
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    Default Re: Hey, look what I found!!!

    Very cute, probably sounds decent for $20-30 given the size... Those collapsible Tweaker speakers that everyone sells under different names are like a third the size of this and still cost $20.
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    I got one of the little ones and it sounds ok. How does this one sound? It of cute by the way.

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