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    Default Transformer Pad TF300T Vs. Nexus 7

    I can't decide what tablet to go with i am stuck between the Transformer Pad TF300T and the Nexus 7. Can anyone that has either one of these tell me what you think. Thanks
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    Default Re: Transformer Pad TF300T Vs. Nexus 7

    Those are pretty different tablets. I'm not really sure how to compare them. Do you want 10" or 7"? What are you going to be doing with it: media consumption, browsing, gaming, reading, prouctivity? The screen on the Nexus 7 is better (same number of pixels on a smaller screen results in a sharper display). A 7 inch is much more portable, but you might want the extra screen size of a 10". If you want to be able to hold it with 1 hand go with the 7". Is having a really good keyboard dock important to you? You could get a bluetooth keyboard for the Nexus 7, but it won't be a good as the Transformer's keyboard dock. Also how much do you want to spend? The Nexus 7 is a lot cheaper. And with Nexus, you'll be the first to get software updates.

    They are both great tablets. It just depends on what you want.
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    Default Re: Transformer Pad TF300T Vs. Nexus 7

    The developer community is another factor to consider. The TF300 will never see even a fraction of the dev support that the Nexus 7 has going for it.
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    Default Re: Transformer Pad TF300T Vs. Nexus 7

    I have a rooted Nexus 7 32Gb and have been disappointed in the inability to transfer video to a HD TV. In fact, I have been thinking of returning the device since I am still within the trial period. What's the next best thing that will allow me to create a torrent library and watch on the big screen? I travel in a RV and am often times without a signal so basically need a capable device to store movies, TV shows, music , and photos...and get them to the big screen. I also do light gaming and light office work. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!


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