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    Default Screen size

    I had to get a blackberry or iphone for work and well it was not much of a contest. I like android better but I do like being able to use the phone one handed. I tried using the s3 but that is really big and it was very hard to type one handed. Do you think the tred will always be large screens, 4.8 and above. Should I just get the new iphone or is there a high end phone that is ok to use one handed.
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    try the motorola razr m if it still bothers you. i have good size hands and i can use the s3 with hand but obviously its not as easy as on an iphone. i currently have the droid dna i just got and its perfect size for me. i could use it with one hand or wih 2 comfortably. thats why i didnt get the iphone. i love apple even though the ios is boring and not customizable, but the screen is just too small for me.
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    if you dont like the rzr m go with the iphone, which is the better one in MY OPINION.

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    if you dont like the rzr m go with the iphone, which is the better one in MY OPINION.

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