Hey All,

I'm looking to switch to an Android phone, coming from an iPhone 4. I'm currently on AT&T, but I am open to changing carriers. I'm between two phones at the moment and looking for insight and/suggestions. The HTC One X+ is on the list. It has a better camera and quad core over my other option the Maxx HD which has a better battery and carrier. Any suggestions? My must have list is:

At least 32gb storage
Good Camera
Decent/good battery life

Is there anything else I should be looking at other than these two? I'm having trouble weighing what is more important. I'm concerned about the battery life and carrier (AT&T) on the HTC One X+, but for the Maxx HD I'm concerned about the camera and the dual core instead of quad core processor. I'm not looking for super nice photos, but I do use the camera quite a bit to take quick pictures of my 7 month old, so I want them to look good.