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    Default Best small'ish phone?

    So, my brother's Motorola Atrix is dying, and he's looking to upgrade. He likes the size, and feels the S3 would be too big for him. I was perusing ATT's website, and couldn't find any small phone I could recommend to him. He said the Galaxy Express's 4.5" was tolerable, but I'm hesitant to recommend a phone that's not Samsung's flagship, as it will probably not receive any updates. Same goes for the One VX: I'm doubtful it will receive any updates.

    If he was on Verizon, I'd recommend the Razr M, but their plans are expensive. Any word if there is or will be a GSM version available. I couldn't find any info on this when I searched. Is there maybe a Rogers version somewhere?

    Do I have to recommend an iPhone5, guys?
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    Default Re: Best small'ish phone?

    RAZR I

    But tell him to go feel the phone first. You really can manage a bigger phone.
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    Default Re: Best small'ish phone?

    I agree with your brother. I'm on Sprint and have been eyeing the Samsung Victory for my first Android phone. 4" screen. Feels a bit chunky compared to a Pre 2, but still not as ridiculous as anything else on Sprint with reasonable specs right now.

    Edit: (No idea if there's an AT&T equivalent.) Also, it reviews quite well though amusingly everyone blasts it for it's "weak, budget screen that's only 4 inches," ironically the main selling point for many considering it!

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