Ok, so I just received a new Lenovo Ideapad a2107a-h from ATT. This is supposed to be a 16GB tablet. When you go into storage under settings, it says that I have 503 MB of intenal storage and then 12.99 GB of internal memory. It gives me an option to default install apps to internal memory, but it goes right to the internal storage of 503 MB. Even when I move some apps, there is a few mb's that get left behind. Once I fill up that internal storage of 503 MB, it tells me I am out of space, yet I stilll have 12GB of internal memory. ATT swapped out my tablet, it has the same issue. Lenovo says they have never heard of this befoer and I should just have 12.99 GB (16GB) of storage, period. Anyone know why this would be like this? Also, when you go to apps, it shows the 12.99 GB as SD storage?