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    Default Question regarding VZW Phone Policys

    I have a iPhone... It bores me so im willing to add a line and get a android phone. Im torn between the GS3 And Droid DNA. If i pick one of the two and decide its not for me can i exchange it? What would i pay? Would i get a used device? Btw my other line is going to my brother.
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    Default Re: Question regarding VZW Phone Policys

    If you add a line you would pay the discounted price for whatever phone you choose (ex. GS3) plus a $35 activation fee for athe new line of service, and if you decided to return/exchange within 14 days (the length of the trial period) you would have to pay a $35 restocking fee to return/exchange the GS3.
    Then you could exchange for the DNA for the discounted price (minus your rebated cost from returning the GS3).
    You would not be allowed another return/exchange on that new line.
    Both devices should be new when purchased.
    Good luck.
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