Hello, first time poster here.

My Razr was stolen, so my girlfriends brother gave me an old HTC Incredible to use. He said I would need to send it in to asurian because it is having boot problems, but I now know it is because it has Clockworkmod on it. and it has a few problems.

A) It will sometimes only give me a spinning red diamond screen that I have never seen before
B) It will boot up so that I can start entering information for set up, then go into a restart loop
C) Freeze on HTC Incredible splash screen

I never got into the ROM/Flashing side of Android so I 'm pretty much out of my league at this point, is there anyone out there that can tell me how to get it back just to factory standards so that I can send it in to Asurian, or, if it is working, actually use the damn thing lol. Any and all help appreciated and thanks in advance!