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    Red face Note 2 Vs DNA display Comparison..

    I was wondering who else feels the Note 2 has a superior display to the DNA regardless of Resolution? Of if me and my Wife are the only ones who feel this way Lol. Reason I ask is because I've heard all the marketing Hype and figured I may regret the purchase of my Note 2 because I am a huge stickler for displays and this thing was HUGE and BEAUTIFUL.

    I went into the store with my wife to do some comparisons and to be honest I MUCH preferred the OLED of the Note 2. 2 things I did notice about the DNA is that the Icons did look slightly "sharper" and the whites were brighter. But after scrolling some web pages and watching some news clips/Anime over YouTube Both me and my wife agreed the Note 2 was much better to look at.

    I thought it would actually be easier to read small texts on webpages w/o going into landscape mode on the DNA but it wasn't the case. It seemed that when you hit hat point you could not read text on either display from normal viewing distance.

    I know there are some who criticise the OLED displays for their over saturation and that's fine we all have preferences. But I think that Samsung did an awesome Job on this one. I went in getting ready to drop the Note 2 for a DNA and walked out glad I bought the Note 2 Lol
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    Default Re: Note 2 Vs DNA display Comparison..

    Nope DNA screen is objectively better. Don't let fake colors fool you. The only thing OLED does better is Blacks. Whites, Sharpness, color accuracy all better on super lcd3.
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    Default Re: Note 2 Vs DNA display Comparison..

    I agree. Things do tend to look a bit "sharper" on the DNA display. I've actually been comapring alot of screens lately Lol. I find it fun. However I thnk the sharpness is less to due with Pixel density and more to do with the SLCD technology. It's very good. The reason I say this is because when comparing the Nexus 4 screen to the DNA's screen both are equally as sharp. I would say slightly sharper even on the Nexus even though it's technical pixel density is much lower than the DNA.

    However the Note 2 screen is quite sharp as well. It's very deceiving in the Stock ROM because it is set to a rediculous 320 DPI out ofthe BOX. This makes the icons huge. After installing the Jedi X Rom on my Note 2 the sharpness is quite a bit better.

    But sharpness aside I objectively like the Note 2 screen better. I wish I could explain it a bit better. I think it does have to do with the slight oversaturation and the way it makes colors "Pop" from the screen per say. And while I could tell no objective difference between 1080p YouTube videos when comparing the DNA to the Note 2; Anime and Games Looked MUCH more vibrant and pleasing to the eye on the Note 2's display.

    I've noticed the N2 display does handle colors differently than the older AMOLED screens. They have a more "natural" look to them while still maintaning high vibrancy of images. As compared to my old Nexus or Fascinate or even GS3 that oversaturated the heck ot of everything which just looked downright goofy sometimes.

    And of course I am a sucker for those deep mesmerizing blacks. This is all my opinion but I just find the N2 presents me with a more beautiful and eye catching display. Of course this is my opinion and all subjective. My wife liked it better also. When we walked into the store I asks the VZW store rep to show me a DNA. First thing Idid was sjow her my Note 2 and the DNA and asked her to look at the screens and tell me which one is better. She picked the Note 2.

    What I need to do is just get her to give up the CrapPhone 5 and buy her a DNA so we can tweak things together Lol

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