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    If I'm connected to my employers wifi is there anyway they can review the things I am doing on my phone or not doing. Such as when emails come in. I don't usually read these until I get home, but can my employer see them or open them if I haven't? Or FB, can they see if I'm using it on company time or can they read it if I haven't opened it. My phone has my name on it can they see that? Can they see all my app drawers and what I have? Sorry for such stupid questions.
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    I think they have access to the websites each i.p. address is using( like a history of the devices web browsing). Yes if they access the router settings they can see the name of the devices connected and if the name of the device includes your name, your boss will see that you are connected. There is no way they can see your app drawers. They can only see the history of web browsing.
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