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    Default My daughter lost her AT&T iPhone.

    I'm looking to get her a cheap replacement, not a new iPhone. What are the good websites (besides eBay) to look for cheap replacement phones?

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    Default Re: My daughter lost her AT&T iPhone.

    Try daily deal sites like,,, and Shipping is usually free, although delivery sometimes takes 1-2 weeks. Items are almost always refurbished or factory reconditioned. I've ordered various stuff from a few of these places, and the service is fine.

    Here's the current Dailysteals promotion. You could still replace the iPhone, albeit with a very slow one.
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    Default Re: My daughter lost her AT&T iPhone.

    Just an idea.
    I've purchased a couple of phones from them. Might be worth looking at.
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    Default Re: My daughter lost her AT&T iPhone.

    Consider the nexus 4 if they haven't completely sold out ?

    Just checked 16gb still available for $249. May not be quite as cheap as a used phone but its new, unlocked and a really good phone.

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    Default Re: My daughter lost her AT&T iPhone.

    If you log onto icloud, you can track the phone. You can even set it to send you a email with its location, when the phone is turned on.

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