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    Default is there an iFunBox equivalent for android?

    in iOS, I use iFunBox if I want to transfer files between my iPhone (non jail break) and my PC. It is useful to save files and backup game progress

    I wonder if there is a same program on windows for android so I can go inside my android phone and backup files to my PC.

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    Default Re: is there an iFunBox equivalent for android?

    Android phones and tablets do this as a native function, you don't need a special app. When you plug in the USB to a PC it can be used just like an external drive, for file transfers, etc.

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    Default Re: is there an iFunBox equivalent for android?

    OK, sorry, I am an Android noob , but when I connect my N7 to my PC, I do not see the emulated folder in my windows.

    Maybe you can point me where I can see the emulated folder? emulated then 0 then folders. I have also enabled 'view hidden files' in my windows option.

    I want an Android file explorer like what iFunBox does for iPhone so I can save my game progress in my PC.

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    Default Re: is there an iFunBox equivalent for android?

    Use "Kies", it's like iFunBox but for Android.
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    Default Re: is there an iFunBox equivalent for android?

    Hi, the comments about mounting it via your system are correct but if you like a nifty GUI there is an application called
    android commander.

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