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    Default 7" vs 8" tablet?

    I'm looking at getting the newer N7 but the size of the tablet seems very small. I really love the size of the ipad mini(I know 4:3 vs 16:10).The usable space just feels like so much more with the ipad mini or other 8" tablets(Asus MeMO 8, 8" samsung tab etc). The only problem I'm having in deciding is the specs/price of the nexus 7 put it above the ipad mini and all the other 8" tablets so it's hard to justify paying a similar price. The ipad mini retina is absolutely ridiculous in price and the ipad mini non retina isn't worth 320$ with its outdated specs compared to the N7.
    Is there an 8" tablet similar to the n7? Or do I just have to deal with the size of the N7?
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    Default Re: 7" vs 8" tablet?

    Welcome to Android Central! The LG GPad 8.3 gets good reviews overall. Check out AC's review here: LG G Pad 8.3 review | Android Central

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