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    Default MMS with Google Voice Soon?

    "The Google Voice Update also addresses MMS or the ability to send photos and videos. According to the update, Google is working on this and will need to coordinate with carriers which could take some time."

    I am a long time Google Voice user but often miss MMS messages from friends or group chats because multimedia is not supported. I know being on Sprint I can receive a picture message from another Sprint user the picture comes to my email, will that be supported in 2014 on all carriers and in GV, not relying on email?

    I am pleased to see the SMS and Hangouts integration last week, next I'd like to be able to send and receive MMS using my Google Voice #; now it seems to send from the carrier # or receive using Gmail.
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    Default Re: MMS with Google Voice Soon?

    I believe this is there goal for Q1 2014. Which will be awesome for Sprint users using the Google Voice integration. Here's how it works now (for me, with Sprint and GV integration):
    -SMS texts to and from one other party come in on GV app on android, iPhone, iPad, laptop, and desktop chrome extensions, all at same time (it's effing sweet). This is done over data
    -hangouts messages to my other gmail brethren who have it installed work flawlessly (and better than the older SMS standard).
    -MMS messages - only come in via the stock android messaging app. iMessage group chats with all my iPhone friends come into that app, and I must use that app to communicate. This is over the completely sh*tty MMS standard, and cannot go over data (read: wifi) unless your carrier supports that.

    Here's how I envision it working after they make the updates to GV to allow MMS and SMS messaging with your GV account:
    -all SMS messages will come into hangouts apps on: android, iPhone, iPad, laptop, desktop, chrome extensions, etc...
    -all hangouts messages will obviously do the same, as they already have in the past
    -all iPhone group chats sent via iMessage, which uses MMS as the standard if there's non iPhone's in the group, will now come into this same central Hangouts hub, and be accessible on all my devices, at the same time, over data.

    What does this mean? WiFi on the plane? I won't miss a beat of what my friends are up to when they create group chats. Obviously if everyone adapted an open standard aside from MMS that didn't suck, this wouldn't be an issue. But that isn't happening anytime soon (although an interesting read for those interested: )

    Hope this helps to answer your question... that's at least how I envision it working after google finishes all the necessary changes.
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    Default Re: MMS with Google Voice Soon?

    I'm ok getting SMS and MMS in Hangouts so I will be pleased once we can send and receive picture mail from Google Voice, right now isn't it Sprint only?
    I was surprised I got an email notification of a pic from a Verizon iPhone user recently, it came to my gmail. what are the details on that currently and MMS to my GV #?

    I'm unclear how Google Voice will associate with iMessage, from an iPhone you'll have to select "Sent FROM" Google Voice or iMessage right? There is a lot left to be worked out with iMessage, Google voice and the carrier routing MMS... hoping for progress in 2014, nice to see the Hangouts integration and GV #.
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    Default Re: MMS with Google Voice Soon?

    I prefer skype from google voice. But it's all a matter of opinion.
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    Default Re: MMS with Google Voice Soon?

    Quote Originally Posted by Android Deals View Post
    I prefer skype from google voice. But it's all a matter of opinion.
    Those are completely different products, what are you comparing between the two?

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