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    Default nexus 10 gone from play store

    Has anyone else noticed the nexus 10 has gone from the UK play store ?
    Does this mean we may be getting he new one soon ?
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    Default Re: nexus 10 gone from play store

    It could be a glitch (I've heard reports today of Google Play being wonky, but so far it's fine for me). It could be out of stock, but that doesn't necessarily mean a new device is coming. And for what it's worth, it's still showing up in the Canadian Play store -- which of course doesn't help you out much!. Anyone in the UK mind checking this out?
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    Default Re: nexus 10 gone from play store

    ok now this is strange because if I go onto the play store on my win 8.1 laptop the nexus 10 is there but if i swap the hd to run it as a hackintosh the nexus 10 is not displayed???? What is going on here then ?

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