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    Default Post your cell phone history!

    I recently collected pics of every cell phone I've ever owned, and then it occurred to me that it might be fun to post a thread about them. It would be interesting to see what phones other people have used over the years. I'll start.

    Post your cell phone history!-t2ec16r-8e9s4l7bumbrgubto33g-60_35.jpgPost your cell phone history!-superstock_1895-42678.jpg
    1995: Sony CM-H333 - GTE [Analog]

    My first cell phone. Nicknamed the "Mars Bar" due to the long, round shape (the rear being rounded, with ridges to hold on to), this phone featured a slide-up earpiece that was used to answer or hang up the phone. Note the thumb jimping along the sides of the gray square earpiece.

    Post your cell phone history!-sony-cm-rx100.jpgPost your cell phone history!-t2ec16f-mfic-s3v-qbsq2u8czlg-60_35.jpg
    1997: Sony CM-RX100 - Cellular One [Analog]

    I couldn't find a web page for this phone, but this phone was the first recipient of Sony's Jog Wheel, a very popular feature that was turning up on lots of Sony gear at the time. When this phone was released, I believe it was the smallest phone on the market. It's roughly the size of an Altoids tin, minus the antenna, and the microphone stalk would answer calls when flipped down, and hang up when flipped up. I saw it in a number of movies from the era.

    Post your cell phone history!-sony-cmd-z1.jpgPost your cell phone history!-201172422545777.jpg
    1998: Sony CMD-Z1 Plus - Sprint [GSM]

    I liked my Sony RX100 that I bought the digital version of it. Around this time, digital service was being rolled out and heavily promoted. Sprint was a GSM carrier back then, though they were soon to sell off their GSM service.

    Post your cell phone history!-70d3cd4367765cdcab0ff256acb7a54b67a406d86fcddb9f63cc45773b49651c.jpgPost your cell phone history!-500x500.jpg
    2000: Motorola i1000plus - Nextel

    I got a new job at the beginning of 2000, requiring 24/7 support on occasion, and was issued a Nextel i1000plus by the company, so I sadly couldn't justify paying for the Sony too.

    Post your cell phone history!-i95cl-2.jpgPost your cell phone history!-nextel-i95cl.jpg
    2003: Motorola i95cl - Nextel

    In 2003, my i1000plus broke (the flip cover was notoriously weak and easily damaged), and got upgraded to this. It was my first phone with a color screen. We were NOT issued the optional plug-in cameras.

    Post your cell phone history!-motorola-e815-g.jpgPost your cell phone history!-111850-motorola-e815-verizon.jpgPost your cell phone history!-motorola-e815-multi.jpg
    2004: Motorola E815 - Verizon [CDMA]

    In mid-2004, it was clear that the company I was working for wasn't long for this world (we were training contractors to replace us), so I was going to be losing the company phone too. I picked up the excellent E815 flip-phone, my first camera phone (camera was awful!). This was also the first phone that I had that had Internet access that actually DID anything - I could check my emails, though the experience left much to be desired. Call quality was fantastic though.

    Post your cell phone history!-2115i-2.jpgPost your cell phone history!-images.jpg
    2005: Nokia 2115i - MetroPCS [CDMA]

    I started my own company in 2005, doing lots of field work, so like most field techs, I picked up the cheap MetroPCS Nokia to get unlimited phone minutes for dirt cheap. The phone, while super-basic, was also tough as hell, lightweight, had decent battery life, and was cheap to replace if damaged.
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    Default Re: Post your cell phone history!

    We already have a thread about this...
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    Post your cell phone history!-1945_300.jpgPost your cell phone history!-32774849-2-440-ovr-1.gif
    2007: HTC Titan VX6800 - Verizon [CDMA]

    The company was doing well, and we started having a bit of money, so I got my first smartphone. This was just before the iPhone came out, so at the time, a WinMo 6 phone was pretty cool. That wouldn't be the case for long, though, and I didn't know at the time how badly Verizon locked down the phone. I'd have been much better off with Sprint, except we were able to get a corporate account and had multiple devices that no one else had.

    Post your cell phone history!-motorola-razr-v3-black-23599.jpg
    2008: Motorola RAZR v3s - MetroPCS [CDMA]

    The economy crashed, and our business got hit hard, so we had to cut back expenses and eventually expand out-of-state to keep the company alive. I went back to Metro's cheap unlimited service, but on their cheaper version of the RAZR. I still have this phone, and it's still great for a basic flip phone.

    Post your cell phone history!-motorola_i776_phone1.jpg
    2008: Motorola i776 - Boost Mobile [Nextel]

    Later in the year, both of the companies we were working for required that we get a Nextel for our dispatcher/supervisor (aka: me), so I switched to this garbage Boost Mobile Nextel. I hated this phone, and lobbied against their use. As it turned out, the Nextel features were almost never used, and the requirement to use them was dropped in favor of regular phone calls (duh!). I went back to my RAZR in 2009.

    Post your cell phone history!-lg-optimus-v.jpg
    2011: LG Optimus V - Virgin Mobile [CDMA]

    I got my first Android phone early in 2011. Cash being tight, I went with Virgin Mobile, who had the best smartphone plans at the time. This FroYo (Android 2.2) phone was far from great, but it got me by for 2 years.

    Post your cell phone history!-lg-nexus-4.jpg
    2013: LG Nexus 4 - T-Mobile [GSM]

    Exactly 2 years to the date from getting the Optimus V, I upgraded to the Nexus 4. This is easily the best phone I've ever owned, and while I'd love to upgrade to the N5, the truth is the N4 is so good that I can easily live with it for another year or more.
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    Why limit history to cell phones?
    Don't forget the Palm Pilot and Windows pda's.
    Mobile devices. It is awkward these days when my wife asks me 'do you have that data on your phone?'
    My GN3 is, only incidentally, a phone.

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    Default Re: Post your cell phone history!

    I'm cool with that. I find it interesting how people have gotten to their current devices, and what drew them to their previous ones. If you want to add PDAs, go for it!
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    Default Re: Post your cell phone history!

    Quote Originally Posted by neonworm View Post
    We already have a thread about this...

    Post Your Phone Timeline
    a.k.a. RyZR from HoFo
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    Motorola DROID Bionic (98.72.22.XT865.Verizon.en.US, Jelly Bean 4.1.2)
    Google Nexus 7 2012 (KOT49H, KitKat 4.4.2)
    What other devices have I had? Here's my phone timeline.
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    Default Re: Post your cell phone history!

    Palm Pilots, several
    Windows PDA
    Palm phone, before Treo
    Droid X
    Droid Razr
    Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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    Default Re: Post your cell phone history!

    Awe crap... Now I'm actually somewhat motivated to empty a couple plastic drawer bins, and a box in the garage, to snap pics and write histories. Might take a few days. =/

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    Default Re: Post your cell phone history!

    Motorola Car Phone-->Audiovox MVX-->Motorola Star Tac-->Nokia 6160-->Nokia 8290-->Nokia 6560-->Palm Treo 650-->Palm Centro-->HTC EVO-->Samsung Galaxy Nexus-->LG Nexus 5

    Sharp Wizard-->Palm V-->Palm m505--> Palm TT-->Palm T3
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    Default Re: Post your cell phone history!

    Nokia 3210 my 1st phone, loved it until someone pick-pocketed it from me at a concert

    Nokia 7110 loved the Tennis game and clickable scroller, it also had a semi auto slider and mobile dial up internet

    Nokia 3510i my 1st colour screen phone, mine was Blue, enjoyed the Skydiver game, I was in the 8th grade in 2004 when I got this baby

    Mid 2005
    Nokia 7250i my 1st cameraphone, awful cam, decent batt life, gorgeous design

    Early 2006
    Sony Ericsson W800i Walkman Phone, incredible little phone this was, a 'dumb'phone with smartphone features, and awesome Music player

    Late 2006
    Sony Ericsson W900i Walkman Phone, designed and built in Japan, it had a GeForce 4800 Mobile GPU, unique swivel design, incredible 2MP Camera like the W800, but with QVGA@30FPS video recording with great 3D games for that GPU. Very unique phone, mine died of WSOD

    Mid 2007
    Nokia N80, my 1st smartphone, it had everything and was ahead of its time. WiFi b/g, EDGE + 3G, high PPI display, Symbian OS9.1 s60v3, 3MP Camera, 64mb RAM, support for 2GB MiniSD cards etc... This is where my obsession with smartphones began.

    Late 2007
    Nokia N81, The Music+Gaming centric smartphone, loved it, it had a ridiculously fast 369mHz for its time, incredible sound quality, gaming buttons and a beautiful design that Nokia overused thereafter.

    Mid 2008
    Sony Ericsson K850i Cyber-shot, my 1st camera centric phone, 5MP camera with 3-LED and Xenon flash, support for both MicroSD and Sony M2 mem card standards, loved its Xenon flash, despite being a 'dumb'phone it could multitask like a true smartphone, I still havn it.

    Late 2009
    Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, my 1st touchscreen phone, incredible batt life, great sound quality, awesome Nokia Maps, large 3.2inch nHD display at the time, decent 3.2mp camera with Dual LED

    Mid 2010
    Sony Ericsson Xperia X10i, my 1st Android, gorgeous design, awful Timescape UI,super large and quality 4inch 854x480 display at the time, one of the 1st with HD720@30fps video recording, and an incredible 8.1MP Camera

    Late 2011
    Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100, my 1st sammy, loved it, still have it

    Late 2012
    Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300, loved it but broke it earlier this year

    Early 2013
    Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 Octa, loving it and using it to type this

    Sorry if this is too much then please PM me.
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