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    So I started using hangouts for all my text messages on my android phone. I also downloaded the hangouts app for my ipad; however, none of my conversations in hangouts will sync. Is there a way to manually force a sync or is it not possible to sync conversations on and android phone and ipad?
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    That's odd... all my conversations sync just fine between my Note 3, PC, Note 10.1 and (now up for sale) iPad. I'm not sure if SMS messages would sync, though (I don't use hangouts for that... or use SMS for that matter :P). Have you checked your 'sync' options both in your phone and in your iPad? Maybe those are off for your Google account when it comes to Hangouts conversations...

    BTW, when 'chatting' on Hangouts, if you're actively replying on one device, say, the computer, you will not get notifications elsewhere. You can still see the history on all devices, but you'll only be notified when a new message arrives on the device you're currently actually replying from.
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    Default Re: Google hangouts sync

    I don't think sms messages will sync to other devices. That may be device specific.

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